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Pendant Necklace Ideas & Collections

Orange Tassel Necklace - Long Necklace - Bead Crochet Rope Necklace - Bright Necklace - Statement Tassel necklace - tassel pendant necklace

Gold Wood Resin Necklace, Handmade Pendant, Unique jewelry, Black Gold Pendant, Italian Handmade Jewel - Bottega 80

White Cotton Tassel Necklace, Extra Long Baby Blue Glass Beaded Necklace, Gold Pendant Necklace, FREE Shipping U.S.

Peace sign necklace, hand gesture, Victory sign, sterling silver hand carved, summer jewelry

Rhinestone Necklace

Statement necklace, Boho statement pendant, rustic Pyrite jet swarovski cubic crystal pendant, braided cotton rope necklace

Tassel Necklace, Valentines, Beaded Boho Tassel Necklace, Pink Tassel Necklace, Carved Czech Beads, wood Necklace, Vintage Boho

Moonstone Necklace in Sterling Silver - Little Moonstone Necklace, Diamond Floating Pendant Necklace, Bezel Moonstone Necklace, Great Gift

Snowflake Necklace, Swarovski Clear Crystal Snowflake Pendant Necklace, Aurora Borealis Jewelry, Antique Gold Brass Chain Boho Necklace

Vintage Inspired Necklace - Art Deco Necklace - Sapphire Blue Necklace - Wedding Necklace - Silver Necklace - Chloe's handmade jewelry

Hummingbird necklace

Stone Strand Pendant Necklace.Tahitian Pearl Cluster.Toggle plated in 24K Gold.Lariat.OOAK.Statement.Bridal.Mother's.Holiday.Brown.Handmade.

Agate beads necklace, Wrapped necklace with Mocha wax rope, Knitted with Swarovski crystals skull and Orange fringe

Knitted Turquoise beads necklace with mosaics pendant and Red fringe, Long beaded necklace woven on Red wax rope, Gift bag included, Summer

Whale tail necklace, charm necklace with gold filled pendant & Brown leather fringe and blue bead, Summer fashion accessory

Green Crystal Torque Necklace Matching Clip On Earrings

Whale tail necklace, charm necklace with silver pendant & Brown leather fringe and blue bead, Summer fashion accessory

Squirrel Pendant Necklace - Hammered Silver Pendant - Woodland Jewelry - Gift For Nature Lover - Cute Animal Jewelry - Everyday Jewelry

Coin Necklace - Layering Necklace - Medallion Necklace - Coin Necklace Gold - Gold Necklace - Gift for her

Sparkly Dark Blue Goldstone Bib Necklace White Star Necklace Goldstone Statement Necklace Perfect for Any Occasion

Purple Green Pyrite Fluorite Necklace with Multi Color Fluorite Beads Stunning One of a Kind Necklace Statement Necklace

Sterling Silver Karma Necklace with Cubic Zirconia - Infinity Necklace - Eternity Necklace - Minimal Necklace - Pendant Necklace

Kalevala Koru Finland Vintage Necklace, Folkloric, Pendant, Mid Century, 60s, Bronze

South African Krugerrand Coin Necklace With 1/4 oz Pendant 24k Gold Plated Necklaces Coin Pendants Great Gift Idea Fathers Day - Heads

CORAL Gold Black Onyx Pendant Necklace, Black Onyx Necklace Gold, Black Onyx Jewelry, Coral Reef, Nature Inspired, Large Onyx Necklace

Bohemian Necklace Handmade Green Pendant Necklace Rustic Gypsy Jewelry

Tear Necklace, Teardrop Pendant Necklace, Turquoise Teardrop Necklace, Bronze Jewelry, Rustic Jewelry, Bohemian Gifts for Her Birthday

August Birthstone Teardrop Necklace with Initial - Silver Peridot Pendant Necklace - GIFT FOR HER - BridesMaid Gift - Gemstone Necklace

Gold Medallion Necklace - St Christopher Medallion Necklace - Gold Filled Necklace - Travelers Necklace - Layering Necklace - Saint Necklace

Teal Jewelry, Angel Necklace, Reiki Energy Pendant Necklace "Water Healer"

Boho necklace, bohemian necklace, gold necklace, asymmetrical pendant necklace, gypsy necklace, boho jewelry, pink necklace, black necklace

Mossy Green Clay Pendant Necklace, Citrine Gemstone Jewelry, Artisan, Boho Necklace, Odd Jewelry, Eclectic Hippie Jewelry

Small Black, Brown and White Banded Agate Pendant Bezel Set In Sterling Silver, Semi Precious Gemstone,

Lace Agate Pendant Bezel Set In Sterling Silver, Semi Precious Gemstone,

Large Blue Lace Agate Pendant Bezel Set In Sterling Silver, Semi Precious Gemstone Pendant,

Hammered Silver Pendant Necklace - Vertical Bars Necklace - Boho Sterling Silver Necklace - Silver Bars Necklace

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